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Absolutely it's FREE. We issue certificates and post graduates names at no cost, expectations nor obligations. The world is a better place with more campologists!

Easy Peasy. First ... complete 9 requirements of the 11 posted in either the level 1 or level 2 requirements list.  Second ... complete the respective online application form.  Lastly ... wait for your certificates to be emailed to you. 

Our certificate program is recognized by no one and nowhere.  It may only be for fun - however it isn’t easy! You must truly have been there and back to be called a campologist.

There are no classes. The certificate simply honours and recognizes ones camping experiences. To recieve a certificate, simply complete the application honestly and our registrar will issue a digitial certificate with 14 days. 

No you don't. The next question is why not? Only with your permission will we post your name on our Graduates Page. You will be with good company and truly in a place of honour.  

After qualification by our registrar, a digital certificate will be issued by email. You will need to print out a paper copy if you want to hang it in your office, tent or RV.