The Shower Diaries

by Tracy Butler
Tracy explores campground showers

I was showering in a comfort station in one of our first state parks, struggling to stay warm, while fumbling with my clothes, toiletries and towels making sure that they didn’t hit the ground… then it hit me, a shower post.

We bought Betty with a self contained shower so that we could shower at our own pace and within our own environment. I have found that Betty has limited pressure to wash out my massively thick hair, so when it’s hair wash day, off the comfort station I must go.

Many of you may cringe, and would never consider showering in a comfort station, but maybe my post will help alleviate your phobias, or not ! 

I have been in thirteen different showers and all tell a different tale.  Like the many experiences you have dating, showering has its awkward moments, moments of sheer pleasure, and moments of what is that for ?

The first shower in Betty was an “awe” moment.  The sun was shining through the sky light, I could see blue sky and palm trees, the water flowed effortlessly, the temperature was controlled with an ease of the dial, and my products were at arm’s reach.

I have tried to repeat that feeling in a Comfort Station, armed with my industrial strength shower shoes… but it hasn’t really happened. It has come close, but there is always something that disappoints.

Such as a comfort station that has screens all around the top of the station, streaming in cold air on top of you. A door to the shower that really only covers your mid section. Finicky shower controls, cramped stalls, and some felt like you are showering outside. Another which had a strange trough at the back of the shower, that the cleaning lady told me she has to pour bleach down everyday….do creatures live there???

I have found a few great ones. Some have been newly renovated, nice tiling, skylights, and places to put your shampoo, fixtures to hang onto while you shave your legs, and endless amounts of hot water (something that is a welcomed feeling on the cool Florida days). Fort Wilderness Campground in Disney set a very high standard and has not been yet matched.

I am still on the elusive hunt for the perfect Comfort Station Shower experience…..stay tuned.


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