Campologist's Wife
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Being the Campologist's Wife

by Tracy Butler

Being the Campologist wife has it's challenges and advantages.  As I have said in my first post, I do like camping and have the Campologist to thank for that. 

I have always been an "outdoorsy girl". My family camped for many summers in 16' travel trailer with a kitchen, comfy bed, and a bathroom nearby. I did go to girl guide camp (although I must admit, I kind of hated it ) and that is about it.

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Nap & Recharge
C Talk

Nap and Recharge

by Bruce Watts

Napping breaks a hiking day into 2 chunks, and recharges the legs

Long days on the trails or water are the best kind of days. 

Particularly during the extended summer days, or better yet the never ending summer sun of the far north. 

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