Pee In Your Tent

by Bruce Watts
the pee bottle will save you from bugs and frost
To pee or not to pee that is the question.

To pee or not to pee, that is the question.

Deep in the woods and you suddenly wake up to a subtile calling from your bladder, it's time to pee. You resist and try to go back to sleep. You don't want to leave the warmth and comfort of your cozy sleeping bag. It has taken some time to settle in and toast up the bag, and now you must leave it to wander into the cold, dark, bug infested night to pee. Every bone in you body resists, but your bladder is starting to create an uncomfortable pressure. Eventually you have no choice... nature calls and you must answer.

Consider a pee bottle.

Before I go any further, I must state the obvious. Man have an anatomical advantage when it comes to using a pee bottle. Women can too, but it takes more work, better aim and with greater risk. So I must confess, this blog is mostly for the men. Sorry ladies. Nothing else needs to be said.

So late at night when nature calls, simply unzip your bag, grab you pee bottle and deploy your God given peeing devise into a wide mouth pee bottle and void. When done, close the cap tightly, re-zip your bag, and go back to sleep. Little precious heat is lost, and no bug bites. All good.

Also consider a pee bottle when stealth camping at the local mall in your car, van or small motorhome. You don't have plumbing and a pee bottle will help get you through the night without a midnight trip to the lamp post or a 24 hr Walmart privy. Fill up your bottle during the night and discard your "fluid" at the coffee shop washroom in the morning during your morning coffee run.  When using a "travel pee bottle"... consider a coloured plastic. This will hide the true colour of the fluid inside. Otherwise it would be just plain gross walking into a restaurant with a large bottle of what is obviously pee.

Important things to consider:

First, mark your pee bottle with duct tape. So when you fumble around your dark tent, you can clearly tell the difference between your water and pee bottles. A mistake could spoil your night.

Secondly, if you share a tent with someone, try to orient your sleeping bag zipper away from the other person. Also, inform your tent mate you have a pee bottle. Two good reasons; you dont want your tent mate to wake up to the surprise of an exposed peeing devise, and secondly you dont want your camping buddy to mistakenly grab a filled pee bottle for that late night liquid refreshment... yikes.

The pee bottle... a wonderful ideas if you do it right.


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